Message From The President


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank you for expressing an interest in the DSAA. As a long time participant, I actually began my career in the driver education industry in 1973, I want to welcome you as a member.

If you are just researching the DSAA at this time, I would like to briefly explain the importance of becoming involved in our International Organization whose primary goals are to increase professional educational standards, create a uniform "Code of Ethics and Conduct", share knowledge, provide support and most importantly, SAVE LIVES.

The expression "knowledge is power" explains just one of our fundamental missions. Share experience and knowledge with fellow school operators, interact with industry leaders and providers and inform and support professional safety educators are some of our other goals.

Also, we at the DSAA firmly believe the age old philosophy that there is strength in numbers. When it comes to speaking with a unified voice for our member schools as well as State and Provincial Associations located nationally and internationally, the DSAA, along with entities such as NHTSA, ADSEA, the AAA Foundation and others is an important Stakeholder in insuring that we are ALL represented fairly regarding issues that impact our membership and the successful operation of their programs.

Armed with decades of knowledge in our ranks, we share their experience through video and phone conferencing, professional seminars, Regional and National Events, and through transparent Board meetings that are open to all members.

A vast network of information sharing is also done via Facebook, e-Bulletin newsletter, Constant Contact, Twitter and a centralized web page and communication center.

Diverse Partnerships allow us to tap into goods and services that benefit all within our Organization. Some examples include such things as car buying/leasing, insurance procurement and coverages, merchant services as well as guidance regarding employee hiring and training techniques.

Finally, welcome again. Feel free to contact me personally or simply log onto our redesigned website and browse our many opportunities, partnerships and events. Please feel free to interact with DSAA Officers, members or Regional Representatives in your area. Let's begin to expand our knowledge and continue to SAVE LIVES together.

Thomas M. Antkow DRS,C.D.E,RHAB
DSAA President